TrickAir Snow Skis

TrickAir Snow Skis Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size tire's do I need?

A: TrickAir Sport 1500 Skis work with 6.00-6 or 8.00-4 tires. TrickAir Explorer 2250, Alaskan 2500 and the Alpine 3000 Skis are approved for the 8.50-6 tires only. TrickAir ski testing has been performed with Air Trac (formerly known as McCreary Air Trac) and Goodyear tires, both of which can be found in an Aircraft Spruce catalog.

Q: Do I need a tail ski?
A: Use of a tail ski is up to the pilot. Here are some things to think about: Tail skis help with floatation in areas that have more than two feet of snow; Use of a tail ski can aid in protecting beacons or strobes mounted on the belly of an aircraft; Tail skis can aid in the turning of heavy tailed aircraft; Tail skis lessen drag which can promote a faster takeoff, however, they can lengthen a landing roll-out; In crusty snow conditions, a tail ski can protect the tail wheel assembly by keeping the wheel above the crust layer.

Q: How long does it take to do and initial ski installation?
A: Although it does vary by the experience of your installing A&P, we have found first-timers can do an initial install in six to eight hours.

Q: Do I need an A&P to take my skis off and on after the initial install?
A: No. As the pilot/owner, you put on or take off the skis yourself. You will need to make a log book entry upon completion.

Q: Will I need to purchase any additional parts to install my skis?

A: In most cases, everything you need will come in the kit for a standard aircraft setup. Exceptions would be tires if you do not have the proper size, gear leg shims or parts for any other nonstandard aircraft modifications.

Q: Can I expect a loss in cruising airspeed?
A: No. Through testing and pilot reports, a properly rigged ski will result in a negligible airspeed drop. Any airspeed drop that has been reported can be attributed to the removal of fairings or wheel pants.

Q: Does TrickAir offer skis for experimental aircraft?
A: Yes, many experimental aircraft utilize standard aircraft gear. TrickAir is willing to work with you in getting our skis to fit your airplane.

Q: Will my wheel penetration ski perform better if I remove the wheel and use the ski like a straight ski?
A: No. The TrickAir wheel penetration ski is designed to have the wheel in place at all times. By removing the wheel, surface area and fairing effect is lost. Their is no gain in performance by removing the wheel. However, through testing, we have found that flattening the tires to a minimal air pressure can decrease takeoff runs by as much as 15 to 20% depending on conditions.

Q: Does TrickAir have skis for my tri-gear aircraft?
A: At this time, TrickAir provides skis for conventional landing gear only.

Q: How do I contact TrickAir for more information?
A: If the information you need is not available on this website, feel free to contact TrickAir at 920-867-2606.

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